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Archive Storage

Archive storage takes on various formats where design requirements vary significantly depending on what type of archive document or media tape is being stored. Archive storage can be as simple as placing a box onto a static shelf or as complicated as designing an archive vault with biometric fingerprint scanners and electrically operated mobile shelving.

The archive storage item will generally dictate what type of system design is required to store it. If it is a box then it will depend on the size of the storage facility and the number of archive boxes that are required to be stored. If it is a large storage area and there is a large number of boxes then it would possibly lend itself to being designed into a multi-tier racking system, extending upwards and encompassing a number of floor levels.

If it is a relatively small area, then it would possibly be more efficient to store the items on mobile shelving, thus making use of the maximum amount of storage space available and storing the maximum amount of boxes in the available given area.

Alternatively, if it is a very high warehouse, it may lend itself to a high bay narrow aisle storage system with either a 'man up' picker truck or a palletised system whereby the boxes are stored on pallets within the racking system.

Archive storage systems can be installed into virtually any location depending upon the size of the area for usable storage and the type of archive that is required to be stored. If it is mobile storage, the general rule of thumb is to try and keep it on the ground floor, as it tends to have rather heavy point loads and therefore a first floor location is not always ideal.

Archive media vaults would normally be designed for a warehouse location and can vary in size and height depending on client requirement. If there is enough headroom for a multi-level media vault then it can be designed to go the full height of the building, with either staircase access or alternatively access from a multi-tier racking system.