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Mezzanine Floors

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Mezzanine Floors are freestanding steel platform structures, usually installed between the fixed structural floors of a building in order to provide additional intermediate levels within a warehouse or office. Mezzanine floors are primarily installed in order to maximise the use of the space above the usual workable level, with the first mezzanine floor level typically being at a height of around 3 metres. They are generally installed to provide increased storage capacity, additional floor space or additional work space within offices.

Within high ceiling buildings, multi-tier mezzanine floors can be installed in order to provide multiple additional storage or working levels.

A mezzanine floor is made up of four key components - boxed steel vertical columns, horizontal I-section steel beams, smaller steel purlins running at 90 degree right angles to the beams, and wood or steel decking placed on top of the purlins to form the mezzanine floor surface. These can be finished in any desired colour to reflect your corporate colour scheme, using either a regular painted finish or a high quality powder coated finish. They can also come complete with handrail posts and tubes as well as staircases and gates.