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Mobile Shelving

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Mobile shelving, also known as mobile storage or compact storage, is a shelving system which utilises just 1 single aisle between many rows of shelving, and is the ideal solution for maximising the storage space of an area. The mobile shelving units concertina together, with additional mobile shelving units utilising the space usually taken up by aisles in conventional static racking and shelving systems.

Mobile shelving units sit on bases which run on rails set into the floor of the room. The units can then freely and smoothly roll in either direction in order to gain access to the required unit. The mobile shelving units are moved along the rails either by mechanical or electrical drive. Mechanical units are hand-crank operated - the units are moved by turning a hand wheel which is located on the end of each row of mobile shelving. The unique locking hand wheels and anti-tilt mechanisms of our mobile storage systems provide complete safety and protection for users. With added security options the system can be locked in the closed position, providing a well organised and secure system. Electrical units are powered by a low voltage 24 volt rechargeable motor which drives the units along the rails.

Mobile shelving is installed across the world in places where maximising storage space and efficiency is important, including libraries, accountants, hospitals, offices, universities and file archives.

There are many advantages of installing a mobile shelving system into your workplace. It is possible to gain up to 100% additional storage capacity in a given area by using a mobile shelving system instead of traditional static shelving. It is also very low maintenance and requires little servicing. Every mobile shelving unit is fully customisable, including the colour and finish, and can also be made secure with the use of locks.

A range of finishes, colours and accessories, both decorative and practical, are available on all of our mobile shelving to suit all applications and interior design requirements, specifically to complement the surrounding environment and storage needs. The systems can be customised to enable temperature and air circulation control where items must be stored in a stable environment. If required, your existing shelving can also be converted to a mobile system. Your own dedicated mobile storage consultants will work closely with you to ensure that the project goes without a hitch from start to finish, and will ensure that all your requirements can be met. They will cover all issues, from planning through to schedules and installation, and will be on hand to consult with you throughout the project.