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Our Divisions

Europe Divisions

The Invicta Group's head office is based in Kent, United Kingdom, and is the operational centre for our 6 specialist European divisions:

Mezzanine Floors

A Mezzanine floor is a great way to optimise the storage capacity of your office, warehouse or retail environment, and can be effectively installed into virtually any space from floor to ceiling.

Mobile Shelving

With mobile shelving, there is only one aisle and all of the shelving is compacted together and accessed by rolling the units apart, doubling your storage capacity compared to a fixed or static shelving layout.

Pallet Racking

With our combination of experience and design expertise plus a huge range of options and accessories, we can specify and install the most suitable pallet racking solution to meet your storage requirements.


Durasteel is a unique, high performance product installed under license as fire barriers and fire vaults for the premier protection of stored items, working areas, employees and the general public.


Invicta's Interiors division consists of a team of specialists whose field of expertise covers everything from interior design, building and through to painting and decorating and finishing to the highest standards.

Ceilings & Partitioning

The Invicta Group provides solutions for a wide range of ceiling and partitioning permutations and environments, fulfilling the most demanding requirements and criteria.

North America Division

With our North America office based in Miami, Florida, our specialist fire protection division can design and install 4 hour rated Durasteel fire barriers, Durawalls, fire walls and blast protection solutions as well as provide consultancy on any fire related issues. Visit for more details.

Middle East Division

Our Middle East division's office is based in the Festival City Tower in Dubai, and specialises in the fire protection of skyscrapers and other large buildings which require the ultimate in protection from fire. Visit for more details.