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Our Markets

Our 8 specialist divisions operate across a plethora of markets around the world, creating unique and boundary-pushing solutions for which the Invicta name is now renowned for.


Invicta has extensive experience in designing and installing both ceiling systems and fire protection for airports throughout Europe, including London's Heathrow Terminal 5 project.

Archive Storage

For over 25 years, archive storage has been at the core of Invicta's business and expertise. We have installed some of the largest multi-tier archive storage racking systems in the world, complete with our multi-tier mezzanine floor Durasteel media storage vaults for secure, fire proof storage of valuable items.

Commercial and Industrial

With such a wealth of knowledge and experience across our 8 divisions, Invicta are renowned for providing complete solutions in both commercial and industrial sectors, combining the skills of our teams in order to achieve the most effective solution.


Our ceiling and partitioning systems have been installed in schools and education facilities across the UK, and are often complimented by the installation of our mobile shelving in order to maximise the storage capacity within these establishments.


Our in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector has made our mobile shelving the system of choice at many hospitals, doctors surgeries and health centres in order to maximise storage capacity and file organisation. Our interiors, ceiling and partitioning divisions are also frequently utilised across this sector to provide complete interior fit out solutions to the highest of standards.

Hotels and Leisure

Our extensive experience in hotel development and renovation has made Invicta the choice for providing a complete turn-key solution for many establishments in this sector. Invicta were responsible for turning an old Bed and Breakfast townhouse in Brighton into an award winning boutique-style hotel, complete with fine-dining restaurant, with it quickly gaining a reputation as the highest standard hotel in the area.


Our mobile shelving and racking systems are installed in museums across the UK, often being encased within a Durasteel vault in order to provide fire protection for high-value and irreplaceable items.


With offices in 3 continents and having completed projects in more than 15 different countries, Invicta's unique infrastructure enables us to competently manage any project regardless of its location. Many of the large projects we have completed across Europe, North America, the Middle East and the Far East are famous amongst professionals within their respective industries for having combined design and innovation with technology and practicality in order to achieve the most effective and efficient solution.


Fire protection in pharmaceutical facilities is paramount in order to ensure the safety of the employees working with and around highly explosive chemicals and products. Our passive fire protection systems have been installed in multiple facilities in order to ensure complete protection and means of escape in the event of a fire or explosion occurring.

Petrochemical and Power

Our passive fire protection systems have been installed in many petrochemical and power plants in order to provide complete protection and peace of mind against potentially life-threatening explosions and fire breakouts.

Rail and Metro

Our Durasteel fire barriers have been installed in rail and metro stations and tunnels throughout Europe and the Middle East in order to provide complete protection of the public's safety in the event of fire breakout. Projects include extensive installation on the London Underground network and Dubai Metro.


Invicta boasts many years of experience in designing and installing stunning retail fit out solutions, combining the skill sets of our mezzanine floor, interior, ceiling and partitioning divisions in order to create an environment of the highest quality finish and maximum functionality.