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Pallet Racking

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Pallet racking takes on numerous guises in today's storage industry. Standard pallet racking is generally designed to store pallets, and as pallets come in various sizes it needs to be specifically designed in relation to their size. Conventional pallet racking stores 1200mm x 1000mm pallets with the pallet stored 1200 across the face and the 1000mm in the depth. This requires a beam length of 2700mm which allows for 2 pallets to be stored side by side with a 100mm gap between the pallet racking upright frame on both sides, and a 100mm gap between the pallets.

The pallet racking upright frame is then designed to a depth of 900mm which would allow the pallet to sit perfectly on the shelf and allow for a 500mm overhang at the back and the front.

The height of the storage area available and the constraints of the forklift truck will determine how many pallets can be stored and the racking system can be designed accordingly.

An alternative pallet size is 1000mm x 800mm - this is known as the Euro pallet. For pallet racking to store the Euro pallet it needs to be designed slightly differently to accommodate the smaller pallet. The pallet racking system would need to have a beam length of 2250mm or 2300mm - this would allow 2 pallets to be sited side by side with either 75mm or 100mm gap either side of the pallet racking frame and the same gap between pallets.

Pallet racking can also be designed to accommodate all sorts of pallet sizes and weights and we have designed bespoke systems to suit the client's preference.