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Past, Present & Future


Operating out of a small office in the seaside town of Margate in Kent (UK), and with only 2 employees, Invicta Storage Systems Ltd was founded in 1983 by Andy Shearer, a former semi-professional rugby player with many years of experience within the racking and storage industry.

Having quickly established itself as the leading local storage solutions provider, the company expanded and moved into new larger offices. In 1987, Mezzanine Floors were added to the company's product portfolio in order to compliment the racking systems already being installed. Over the next 8 years, Ceilings, Partitioning and Mobile Shelving products were also added to the company portfolio, enabling Invicta Storage Systems to be able to provide a complete cross-spectrum of products.


Today, over 25 years later, The Invicta Group name is renowned within the archive storage industry for providing unparalleled design, innovation and customer service. We are committed to providing the most advanced solutions around the world through unrivalled ingenuity, whilst still remaining faithful to the personal service that has been always been at the foundations of our company. Our archival storage racking systems are still at the core of our business, with the multi-tier and high-bay crane operated racking systems at some of the world's largest archival storage companies sites in the UK and Europe having been designed and installed by The Invicta Group. Our Durasteel media vaults are the leading solution for fireproof media storage, providing up to 4 hours protection from fire, and have been installed in archival storage facilities all around the world. Our Durasteel fire walls and blast barriers are also installed in facilities worldwide, providing fire protection in power stations, airports, train stations, metro stations and warehouses.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience within each of their specialist fields, our teams are dedicated to providing the optimal solutions to meet your individual and specific needs. Our unique infrastructure, integrating the skills and services of each of our divisions, enables us to achieve the highest level of expertise and performance.

The European arm of the group is broken down into 6 divisions - Durasteel Fire Protection, Mezzanine Floors, Racking Systems, Mobile Shelving Systems, Interiors and Ceilings and Partitioning. Although each division operates independently with its own team of specialists in their relevant fields, many of the larger, complex projects undertaken by The Invicta Group require cross-divisional solutions to achieve the optimal result.

The North America division, Invicta Fire Protection LLC, specialises in all aspects of passive fire protection and safety, with a focus on the design and installation of fire and blast barriers and fire protected media vaults using Durasteel.

The recently opened Middle East division, Invicta Durasteel UAE, specialises in providing Durasteel fire separation barriers and fire-protected ductwork in the many vast developments across the Middle East, in addition to transformer barriers and valve protection enclosures at power, petrochemical and oil plants to ensure optimum safety in such highly explosive environments.


The Board of Directors at Invicta continue to review the company portfolio and strive to avail themselves with all industry changes, thus enabling Invicta to be positioned at the forefront of marketplace trends and needs. Through continued natural growth, planned expansion and acquisition, The Invicta Group will continue to add to its range of services. By maintaining our core values, being focused on improvement and encouraging honest and open feedback from our team and clients, we have an ongoing commitment to the improvement and development of our services.