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Passive Fire Protection

Durasteel Fire Barriers, Blast Walls, Transformer Barriers, Fireproof Ceilings and Fireproof Media Storage Vaults for the Premier Protection of Employees, the General Public, Work Areas and Industrial Scale Operations

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Invicta Fire Protection

4-Hour Fire Rated Invicta Fire Protection

Invicta Fire Protection is the world's leading installer of 4-hour passive fire protection systems, a specialist division of The Invicta Group now operating in 3 territories covering Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Durasteel is a unique high-performance composite fire panel installed under license as Fire Barriers, Blast Walls, Transformer Barriers, Fireproof Ceilings and Fireproof Media Storage Vaults for the premier protection of employees, the general public, work areas and industrial scale operations.

Our fire protection systems not only provide 4-hour fire protection, they are also blast, impact and moisture resistant, able to withstand extreme heat produced by material combustion, possess a durable life-span of 40 years and meet both the A60 standard and the H120 hydrocarbon fire test marine classifications. 

Invicta Fire Protection Durasteel Doors and Fire Walls


Invicta Durasteel systems can be designed to be load bearing and are strong enough to be walked on if fire resistant floors are a requirement.

Each system is tested up to 240-minute fire resistance and complies with many internationally recognised approvals including Factory Mutual (FM), Underwriters Laboratories (UL and ULC), Certifire, Dubai Civil Defence and Lloyds Register.

Visit the Invicta Fire Protection website for more information or call us, we will be pleased to be of assistance.


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