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Handling all aspects of your Interior Development and Redevelopment projects

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Invicta Interiors, specialists in interior development and redevelopment projects


Our Interiors division can handle all aspects of your interior development and redevelopment projects, seamlessly integrating with our in-house Mezzanine Floors, Ceilings and Partitioning divisions where required in order to provide a complete turn key project solution, from concept to completion.

Invicta Interiors has extensive experience within the hotel and leisure industries, managing every aspect of the project, from the unique design of each individual room and creation of a stunning bar area to the fitout of the in-house restaurant's industrial kitchen and installation of building-wide electronic systems.

We have also completed a wealth of projects in the retail sector, and offer term maintenance on existing buildings, with our services covering everything from electrical installation and maintenance, air conditioning and carpentry to raised access floors, shelving and racking for storage. Contact us today for information of simply call to speak to one of our Interior experts.

Invicta Interiors design concept and personalised ideas   Invicta Interiors Highest Quality Finish and Best Results

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