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How offshore fire safety has changed since Piper Alpha
13 February 2019

Reflecting on three decades of improvements

Wildfires cast light on the future of fire protection
06 February 2019

Building infrastructure for the future

How rail modernisation can boost the Indian economy
19 November 2018

Getting growth back on track

How data centres have taken over the world
05 September 2018

Storing the computers that keep the world moving

How to save space with smarter warehouse storage
05 July 2018

High density racking, FIFO, AS/RS and other smart solutions

What are the most common causes of fire in the workplace?
29 May 2018

The fire hazards common to workplaces and how to prevent them

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing fire safety
29 May 2018

Exploring the impact of high tech fire prevention and suppression

Qatar Office Expansion
01 June 2016

Relocation to larger offices in Doha, Qatar

Invicta Relocates and Expands in Dubai
22 June 2014

Invicta Fire Protection continues to Grow and Expand its Operations in the Middle East

Invicta Installs Durasteel Fireproof Media Vault in Nigeria
23 October 2013

Leading Solution for the Safe Storage of Documents

The Invicta Group Secures Azerbaijan Port Baku Project
13 July 2012

Extensive 4-hour Fire Integrity & Stability

Minimising the Risk of Fire, Blasts & Explosions in the Middle East
19 October 2011

4-hour Fire Rated Durasteel Passive Fire Protection

The Invicta Group in “Telegraph 1000: Britain’s Brightest Business” List.
14 September 2011

6 Specialist Divisions Delivering Unprecedented Solutions for over 30 Years

Invicta Fire Protection Secures New Doha International Airport Project
04 August 2011

4-hour Substation Fire Protection Systems

Aircraft Hanger Firewall Featured in BBC Report
21 February 2011

The Trusted Choice for Passive Fire Protection

Invicta Group Attending Prism International Conference
09 January 2009

2009 PRISM International Annual Conference

Invicta’s Middle East Division Opens in Dubai
01 December 2008

Invicta Durasteel UAE Established

Invicta Durasteel high-voltage cable protection installed for London 2012 Olympic Games
23 May 2008

World Class Passive Fire Protection for a World Class Event

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