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A wealth of knowledge and experience, unrivaled ingenuity and a commitment to quality and safety

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Operating out of a small office in the seaside town of Margate in Kent (UK) and with only 2 employees, Invicta Storage Systems Ltd was founded in 1983 by Andy Shearer, a former semi-professional rugby player with many years of experience within the racking and storage industry. Having quickly established itself as the leading local storage solutions provider, the company expanded and moved into new larger offices. In 1987, the Mezzanine Floors division was added to the company's product portfolio to complement the racking systems already being offered.

Over the next 8 years, Invicta Mobile Shelving, Invicta Ceilings & Partitioning and Invicta Interiors were added to the company’s portfolio, enabling Invicta to become the leading storage solutions provider in the UK.



Over 30 years later, The Invicta Group has grown and diversified its expertise and product offering to include Invicta Fire Protection, a specialist division of The Invicta Group, licensed to install industry acclaimed Durasteel passive fire protection systems, a unique high-performance composite fire panel, installed under license as fire barriers, blast walls, fireproof ceilings, fire rated ducts and doors.

Today, the Invicta Fire Protection division is the world-leading installer of Durasteel 4-hour passive fire protection systems and now operates in 3 territories covering Europe, the Middle East and North America, protecting employees, the general public, work areas and industrial scale operations.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience within each of the group’s six specialist divisions, our teams are dedicated to providing optimal solutions that meet our clients individual and specific needs through unrivaled ingenuity and commitment to quality and safety, whilst remaining committed to the personal service that has always been at the foundation of our company. Our unique infrastructure, integrated skills and the experience of each of our divisions enable us to achieve the highest level of expertise and performance, offer a broader product portfolio and deliver to a larger geographic footprint.



The Board of Directors at The Invicta Group continue to review the company’s portfolio and strive to avail themselves with all industry changes, enabling the group’s six specialist divisions to be positioned at the forefront of marketplace trends and needs. Through continued natural growth, planned expansion and acquisition, The Invicta Group will continue to add to its range of services, and by maintaining our core values, being focused on the development of all our services, we aim to offer customised solutions that meet the needs and expectations of the customers.




Invicta Storage Systems Founded in the UK


Invicta Mezzanine Floors division formed in UK


Invicta Mobile Shelving division formed in UK


Invicta Fire Protection division formed in UK


Invcita Ceilings and Partitioning division formed in UK


Invicta Storage Systems becomes The Invicta Group


North America Office established in US


Middle East Head Office established in Dubai, UAE


Abu Dhabi regional office established in the Middle East


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regional office established in the Middle East


Qatar regional office established in the Middle East

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